Every person in Liverpool

A couple of years ago I took part in a workshop run by the photography collective In-Public. The workshop took place over a weekend in London. Matt Stuart, one of the photographers delivering the workshop talked of London's hot spots, he knew that on a Monday rich people go shopping, Wednesday is matinee day at the theatre so there's a lot of pensioners about getting their cheap theatre seats, on a Friday the tourists head into the city and Saturday is always good for a mix of tourists and demos. Liverpool doesn't have really this. Sure, it's busier on Saturdays and whenever one of the local football teams is playing, there's always more people about. Of course, the summer months throw plenty of serendipitous photo opportunities. This time of year, on those rare occasions we get a sunny winter day, I'm usually chasing the light. Midday, outside M&S on Church Street and afternoons on Houghton Street and Hanover Street all get fantastic light. They're my hot spots.   

Lately though, I'm starting to recognise people I've previously taken photos of. Last week, I took this photograph on Lord Street.

It wasn't until I was editing it that I realised the man she was with, on the left, carrying the flowers, I photographed him a couple of weeks ago, also on Lord Street, both photographs were taken on a Monday afternoon. 

Then yesterday, I noticed Andrew and his two Shetland Sheepdogs Cosmo and Calico walking down Church Street. I took his portrait a couple weeks ago. Unusually, I done something I never do and I stopped and asked if I could take his photograph, it was the dogs, they made me do it. 

Then, after I spotted Andrew on Church Street, I seen this lady, only this time she was sat outside The Lobster Pot on Whitechapel, I took this photo back in October outside The Lobster Pot on Ranelagh Street.

My subconscious is conducting a census, I'm starting to notice ebbs, flows and people of the city that I've never been aware of before.